Our Team

Lachlan McPhail

Founding Partner, MARN 9474375

Lachlan McPhail is an expert in Australian and New Zealand Visas.

He joined Hamilton Watts Migration Services (HWIMS) in 1993 and over the subsequent 20 plus years HWIMS grew to be a leading corporate migration services consultancy with 25 personnel located in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Lachlan McPhail became a Director of HWIMS in 2002 and managed the Sydney office from 2005. The US company CIBT acquired Hamilton Watts Migration Services in December 2014 and subsequently changed its name to Newland Chase. Lachlan moved on from Newland Chase and is an owner and Director of Immigration Partners Australia.

Lachlan McPhail has been a registered Migration Agent for Australia since 1994 and a New Zealand registered Immigration Adviser since 2011.


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